See what our clients are saying about Rega of Paris.

They are the most professional consignment shoppe that I have ever seen.
Friends have told me for years about Rega of Paris. Why did I wait so long?
Steven has helped me unload my consignment items for years. What would I do without him?
Their delivery crew is wonderful.
How did I know to consign with Rega’s? The store where I bought my new furniture referred me to Rega’s. That was in 2008 and I have used them ever since. They are great!
My mother-in-law died several years ago and friends recommended Kate and her crew. My husband was over the estate and needed paperwork to document all the items that sold. Every time that I picked up a check/cash there was a statement. It was interesting to see what items sold for and I felt my mother-in-law’s items found a new home.
My whole house has been furnished from items that I bought at Rega of Paris. When people visit my home, they always ask where I got all the unique items.
It is like a new store every time I go in and my favorite store.
The staff has always been so helpful, I look forward visiting them every week. They are my friends.