Why Sell with Rega of Paris?



We have been in business for over 13 years and are active members of the National Association of Resale Professionals.  We honor their code of ethics and work to raise the professional standards of the consignment industry. Kate Kombos, founder/owner, is a small business owner who had brought her business expertise and knowledge to the consignment business. 


Profitable Results

Every item sold is documented in our computer system and each time we pay our consignors, they receive a statement of what they have sold, the date of the sale and the amount.  Our primary job is to make money for our consignors.


Website & Facebook

We constantly update and have a large following who check daily to see what is going on at the Shoppe!


Television Ads

We have utilized television advertising for years and find it to be very effective in our selling. Our ads appear on channel 7 and 56.


Greater Security

Our consignment showroom eliminates having prospective buyers coming to your home.


Huge Showroom

We offer 6,000 sq. feet with high ceiling and plenty of space for your larger pieces of furniture. 


Our Large Customer Base keeps us in business!