• YOU SAVE MONEY!!!!  You have the opportunity to purchase high quality furniture (antique or vintage), home décor and artwork at a significant savings, with prices typically starting at lower than half of retail.  In addition to the already low consignment pricing, we have a discounting system.  For those shoppers willing to take a risk, you can adopt the “wait and see” approach and wait for the next discount, but don’t be surprised if the item is gone when you come back.  

  • YOU FIND THE UNUSUAL.  We have great consigners who have a diverse background therefore we never know what may come thru the door.  There are many one of a kind, eclectic, known provenance and everything in between items. 

  • CHANGES DAILY.  We accept consignments daily therefore the shoppe is in a constant state of change and never boring.  But remember, those great items never stay for long!