Meet the Owner


Kate Kombos started Rega of Paris during the fall of 2002 in a small shoppe in Jacksonville with the official first day of business January 2, 2003.  Rega was in Jacksonville for 3 years and moved to Tyler in January 2006.  She is the mother of Thanasis, 26 and Katelin, 23.  

Kate was in the human resource management field before entering the small business world.  She is a graduate of Texas A&M University at Commerce (BS) and The University of North Texas (MS).   Knowing the importance of appraising personal property, Kate has been active in attending conferences and seminars with both the American Society of Appraisers (ASA) and the International Society of Appraisers (ISA).  Currently, she is a candidate member of ISA.  

Meet The Shoppe Staff


Steven is the floor manager at the Shoppe and is the one who keeps the shoppe looking so good.  Steven was a floral designer who crossed over to the consignment business over 6 years ago.  


Karli is our front desk person who sets up new accounts and records the coming and going of the merchandise which is a big job.  She is from Illinois but has traveled the world and has a degree (MS) from Maranatha Seminary. 


Caleb is Steven’s assistant and our runner and loader which is so helpful.   He also assists Alfredo every Saturday in delivery work.  During his free time, he is a musician. 

Meet Our Delivery Crew

Alfredo has been associated with our shoppe for over 10 years and he keeps the shoppe going by providing delivery services to our consignors and customers.  His son, Peter has been working with him since grade school.  The third man on the crew is Caleb who is our man during the week.